These rules are absolute, not subject to discussion and must be unconditionally implemented. Their implementation is monitored by the administration, which makes decisions about the presence of a particular composition of the violation.
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. After registering, you automatically agree to these rules and further agree to abide by them and be liable if they are violated.
1. Relations with the administration
It is forbidden to disrespect the administration of the server, both in support and in the game.
Punishment: Lock account.
Forbidden threats to the administration of the server, both in support and in the game.
Punishment: Lock account.
It is forbidden to deceive the administration / provide fabricated evidence / evidence / deliberately mislead the administration.
Punishment: Lock account.
It is forbidden to insult the administration, to discuss its actions, in any form.
Punishment: Lock account.
The administration undertakes not to deliberately disclose information about players given during registration to third parties, as well as not to change the player's login and password without his consent, if there are no grounds provided for by these rules. The administration does not send users unreasonable email or other messages (spam); If the user has received such a message from the Administration, he should immediately notify the Administration representatives about this.
The administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the server, for temporary disruptions and interruptions in the work of communication lines, other similar failures, as well as for computer problems, from which the player connects to the Internet.
The administration is not responsible to the player for the actions of other players.
The administration is not responsible for the agreements and transactions concluded between the players, committed during the game or outside it.
Each player is obliged on his part to take all necessary measures to protect his account. It is strictly prohibited to disclose and transfer your registration information to third parties!
Administration is not responsible for the safety of game values. In case of a dispute with the account owner, it is possible to block it indefinitely.
2. Gameplay
It is forbidden to use cheat programs and pakhaki.
Punishment: Blocking accounts and blocking by HWID.
The use of programs helping in the game (BOT) on all servers is prohibited.
Unauthorized access to someone else's game account is prohibited.
Punishment: Blocking accounts.
3. Using server errors (bugs)
Prohibited the use of server errors (bugs). Under the errors refers to any actions that are not provided by the gameplay and aimed at extracting personal gain.
Punishment: Lock account.
If you find a new bug, immediately inform the administration of the server.
4. Generalization, naming
It is forbidden to give any advertising. It is forbidden to give information to the general chat about any Lineage II server except the RPGWARS.RU server.
Punishment: Lock account.
When creating a character, it is forbidden to give him a name: GM and names associated with the administration of the server.
Punishment: Lock account.
5. Trading
It is forbidden to sell / buy game goods for real money, bypassing official dealers. Allowed to buy / sell only for game values ??and Coin of Luck.
Punishment: Blocking accounts.
It is forbidden to sell / buy a game character for real money.
Punishment: Lock account.
It is forbidden to place merchants in places of heavy traffic, thereby hindering the players' passage, in the aisles of the premises, in small rooms, such as: shops, warehouses, etc., on the stairs, in the immediate vicinity of teleports (gatekeepers), etc.
Punishment: Lock account.
6. Voluntary donations
It is strictly forbidden to make voluntary donations to the Service to persons under the age of majority.
Additional bonuses in the form of Coin of Luck are provided to the players for free. The funds transferred by the Players as voluntary contributions are donations, do not serve as a source of profit and are used by the Administration solely for the realization of socially useful goals, namely, project development, equipment rental, Internet traffic payment, advertising, as well as other measures aimed to improve the service provided.
It is forbidden to transfer payments to the Service initially pursuing fraudulent, as well as any other purposes that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, or the rules of the Service.
The administration is not responsible for any damage caused when crediting donations from the Player.
In case of receiving a claim on the Player by the cellular operator or payment system, all Player's accounts will be blocked, and all his data will be transferred to the security service of the cellular operator or payment system for which claims have been received.
By accepting the rules of the Service, the Player guarantees that all payments are absolutely legal, transferred to the Service voluntarily as a donation and are non-refundable. And also the fact that all SMS payments are sent only from the phone account to which the Player has full rights.
With a voluntary donation of funds will not be returned!
7. Other
If the Player commits an act that is clearly detrimental to other Players, the gameplay, the site, but is not explicitly specified in the rules, the Administration has the right to impose a penalty adequate to the act (up to blocking by HWID and deletion of all accounts of the offender in the game).
In the event of a repeated violation by the Player of the same rule, the term of punishment is determined at the discretion of the Administration, but not lower than the maximum penalty for violating this rule. In addition, with frequent repetitions of violations of the rules, the Administration has the right to extend the period at will, up to the deletion of accounts and blocking by HWID.
These rules may be added without notice. Рейтинг-каталог серверов Lineage2  Рейтинг серверов mmotop