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Created: 2018-11-22 Author: Administrator

Welcome to the UNIQUE INTERLUDE PTS server Hard x1 enabled bot and buffer profiles!

Server start is scheduled for December 15 at 18: 00 Moscow time!

OBT server from 1 to 14 December at 18: 00 Moscow time!

Global and Hiro chat from level 20 inclusive is available on the server during OBT.

3 top testers who will find at least 3 bugs, errors, discrepancies and provide evidence will receive a bonus at the start of 1000 Coin of Luck!

Play on OBT throw off defects in Support and you have a chance to get Coin of Luck at the start.

This is the only server PTS (quality) which allowed the BOT!

Here you will find a stable and high-quality game with minimal donation and a huge online!

Our server will be developed and will not stop on some Chronicles!

All servers will work for years we know how to keep online!

I hope You enjoy your stay!

We wish you a pleasant and long game!

Register an account right now!

Download the files for the game!

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